Raichur Tourism

Raichur District in India is rich in cultural traditions and historical associations. Today, various tourist attractions are residing the district for people’s grandeur interests.

Here are some of the tourist attractions that you can visit in Raichur district:

Venkatapur – a village is located in Lingsugur Taluk. At the south end of this village are two hills with good condition of preservation. It contains 45 cairns along its skirt comes in pair. Another group of cairns with double rings is found at the western side of the village. Meanwhile, on the northern side of the hills are few traces of old square constructions.

Mukkunda – village located in Sindhaur taluk. It is nearby a hill and has a large and old fort on the hilltop. Its entrance is through the old temple of Murari, which is built of stones.
Mudval – a village located in Lingsugur taluk. It has a stonewall that had played significant role during the time. It is one of the pre-historical sites in the Raichur District since various artifacts can be found on the slopes of the hill. Iron slags and gold crushers are very abundant near the village the place.
Citadel or Bala Hisar – a village built on top of the hillock. It has a good view of the Raichur Fort interior and the surrounding areas as well. The view provides a good idea on the extent of the large garrison and the fort. The village has various natural depressions with rock on top that are used for storing water. In different points of defense for the village buildings, walls and bastions are built. In the middle area, a large bastion is built with round form.
Somalpur – a village located in Sindhanur taluk. It is known for its Ambadevi Temple that is found at the foot of the hill. This temple is largely attended by people due to fair held in the month of Pushya.
Roudkunda – an ancient village to the east of Gorebal. It is one of the significant Neolithic sites in the Raichur District. At the west of this village are two hillocks wherein one of it is a small fort that belonged to the time of 16 or 17 A.D. The two hillocks are abundant with artifacts.
Ramagadde – an attractive island in the Krishna River. It is said to be a holy place since according to a legend, the island is where Sri Ramachandra had stayed for a year and get consecrated while worshipping Shivalinga.
Mudgal – one of the significant places in Raichur District with historical interests. The hillock on top of this village has built walls with bastions and houses of royalty. The outer walls of the Mudgal cover and area of one-half square mile. It has a wide moat of filled water. The moat width varies accordingly to several places.
Gabbur – a village in Deodurg taluk that has several old inscriptions and temples. During its early years, the village was the center of education. It was also known as Gopuragrama. It houses the most important temples in the Raichur District namely the Hanuman, Bangara Basappa, Ishwara, Venkateshwara, and Male-Shankara. There are also other ruined temples in the village.

Other tourist attractions that you can visit in Raichur District are the Deodurg, Devarbhupur, Devarsugur, Gandhal, Hutti, Jaladurga, Kallur, Kavital, Korva, Koormagadde, Kotekal, Lingsugur, Manvi, Maski, and Matmari.

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