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Raichur District is a significant educational, industrial, and commercial center in India. Because of its considerable antiquity, the district plays had become a great place of history and legend. In 1312, the district was conquered by Malik Kafur, Subsequently; the place went on through different hands of Asaf Jahi, Mughal, Bijapur, Bahmani, and Vijayanagara kings. With the many historical events and legends that happen in the place, Raichur have had many places of interests as well. As you read along, discover some of these places and learn more about it.

The Raichur’s hill fort shows a great importance from the past. It is surrounded with threes sides and double rows of massive low walls of circuits. The internal wall was made from large blocks of beautifully fitted stones and cement material. It is said to be made by the Hindus in accordance to the long Kannada inscriptions from the 1294 A.D. The external wall was built comparatively from rough tone masonry. It is said to be made by the Muslims.

The external walls of the hill fort of Raichur have five gateways: the Doddi Darwaza at the southeast, the Khandak Darwaza at the south, the Kati Darwaza at the east, the Naurangi Darwaza at the north, and the Mecca Darwaza at the west. Meanwhile the internal walls have two gateways: the Sikandari Darwaza at the east, and the Sailani Darwaza at the west.

The Tomb of the Muslim Saint, Pir Sailani Shah is also one of the great places of interests in Raichur District. It has fascinating and attractive structure of Bijapur style. It consists of a tiny rectangular entrance with one-arched outlet in every face. The arches are rested on a tiny stone pillars engraved in fashion of Chalukyan. It is loaded with an attractive narrow-necked set of dome on an oblique row of ornaments and lotus petals.

The Fort Jami Masjid is an attractive mosque structure of two entrances, one in the east and the other on the south. The eastern entrance of the mosque is crowned with three tiny domes, one circular dome in the middle and other two, which is pyramidal. At the left side of this entrance is a deep well of significant dimensions of masonry stonewalls. The south entrance of the mosque is supported with six gigantic stone pillars of Chalukyan style, which is decorated in the middle portions and with angular capitals and square bases. On the opposite side of this entrance is a courtyard cemetery, which contains the graves of the dynasty members of Adil Shahi.

Parrallel to the Fort Jami Masjid is the archaic Hindu Palace. This palace is an original palace with minimal remains as of today, except for the original big entrance at the side of the present jail and the old-walled enclosure. The existing jail is an original structure inside the archaic palace, however it had been altered and modified to suit the necessities of the modern times as well as to not completely deprive the ancient palace from all its primitive interest and grandeur.

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